• Oct. 27-30 | 1pm to 9pm
  • São Paulo Expo | SP

More than a business trade show

Equipotel is more than a trade show, it is the only hospitality event in Latin America capable of forming connections before, during and after the event. With exclusive tools and teams dedicated to your company's demands and to associating you with potential buyers, we guarantee that your participation as an exhibitor will be a success. 

We deliver your company measurable and exclusive results. We generate leads, connections and relationships, simply and productively, for your company to gain more efficiency and results.

Take advantage of the 4 days of Equipotel to get directly in touch with 25,000 qualified professionals who hold significant decision-making power and come from a wide variety of regions in Brazil and South America.

Equipotel buyer profile

✓   Lodging: hotels, full-service buildings, resorts, motels, inns, hostels and camp sites
✓   Out-of-home dining: restaurants, bars, bakeries, diners, confectioneries, pizzerias, cafés and ice cream parlors
✓   Wellness and Health: hospitals, clinics, medical offices and spas

✓   Collectives: condos, malls, clubs and gyms
✓   Architects and interior designers
✓   Construction companies and developers

✓   Sales representatives
✓   Journalists and digital influencers in the industry

Advantages and Benefits as an Exhibitor

■   Intensify your sales at the biggest hospitality event, with a 58-year tradition.

■   Promote your brand to a highly qualified and segmented public.

■   Develop relations with clients and prospects during the entire year.

Only Equipotel exhibitors have:

■   Digital Activation Portal: An exclusive page on the Equipotel website containing information on your company.

■   Content Marketing: After filling in your information on the Digital Activation Portal, your company's products and services become news and are publicized free of charge by our press agency and on the event's official social media.

■   Exhibitor Webinar: an online workshop with exhibitors to get the latest updates on the show and advice on how to make the most of your investment in the event/boost your ROI.

■   Customer Success: each exhibitor receives dedicated service from the Equipotel team, meeting every demand.

■   Matchmaking: Based on the interests expressed by visitors in pre-registration and on the information provided when registering on the digital activation portal, we associate you with potential buyers.


In this increasingly digital world, meeting your buyer face-to-face has never been so important. And when it comes to hospitality, this relationship is crucial.

Download the 2019 Post Show Report and get ready to do the best deals!

Contact us and find the best solution to promote your brand among the hospitality market. We hope to see you there!

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